The whole is greater
than the sum of its parts
The Hologenome is the sum of the your genetic information and the microbes living inside you.
Be part of the mission of mapping the human genetics, epigenetics and the microbiome and get an
opportunity to truly understand your body from the inside out.
Be part of the

Hologenome Revolution

The Health Exchange (HEX) Platform by Gene Express is an integrated platform designed to provide you a holistic view of your health - past, present and future.
Choose from an array of genetic and non-genetic tests that allows you to go beyond fitness, health, nutrigenomics, and much more. Get a panoramic view of your vital signs and take informed decisions for a better lifestyle
Your genes, the environment around you and your style of living has a massive impact on your health. Your body is constantly changing and how we measure it needs to evolve as well
Human Foundation
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Human Expression
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Human Re-engineering

The foundation series covers the fundamental genetic and microbiome test. These are intended to map your basic genetic construct, not to mention the overall gut flora and fauna
Get a complete up break down on your body composition, physical & cognitive capabilities, blood analytics, metabolites, salivary hormones and much more. Everything you will need to optimise your performance and enhance your horizon.
The re-engineering series captures a set of practices which will help you recalibrate your mental and physical conditioning in order to recover from injuries, enhance body functions like blood flow and increased oxygen in the bloodstream, etc.
Epigenetic Nutrition
Who we are?
We are a group of organizations that have come together with a mission to empower and organize hologenomic data for individuals or communities by providing them a platform to qualitatively measure and make impactful interpretation using deep science and artificial intelligence.
What we do?
We use the hologeneome and its expressions to influence individual or community epigenetic adaptation by measuring blood, metabolites, and the neuro endocrine system. On our platform not only do we have the hologenome but also integrated many objective measurements of epigenetic expression.
Why we are here?
We created this platform so that an individual can live by their anthropological design. We enable and train organizations to help discover an individual’s personal architecture with their hologenome and the expression series testing
To overcome the gap in valid hologenome data for the Afro-Asian population, one of our primary objectives is to bridge this gap. Our aim is to understand the underlying anthropological design better and translate that into targeted and specific interventions.
Did you know that only 0.2% of the Asian and African genetic data is mapped and absolutely nothing on the microbiome?
Our quest is to collect this valuable data to set a baseline for the Asian Subcontinent and African population. This will allow us to incorporate actionable measures to manage lifestyle diseases and accurately capture the way the genes express themselves thereof.
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