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A Special Edition Genetic Panel wherein genetic variants that play a key role in the removal of toxins from our body are mapped. Based on these indications, dietary and lifestyle changes that improve the efficiency of detoxification can be adopted and therefore aid in coping with impaired / inefficient detoxification mechanisms.

Organic Food

Due to rapid urbanisation and a consequent increase in the use of pesticides and synthetic fertilisers, the foods that we consume today can expose our bodies to different toxic xenobiotics. Our Organic Food Panel determines the need to opt for Organic Produce in compliance with your Genetic Blueprint, as this also plays an integral role to aid in coping with the body's natural detoxification process.

GSA2- Addiction

Your genomic signatures can indicate your susceptibility to addictions. Addiction is a multistep process, where exposure to addictive agents such as drugs, food, alcohol, etc. may lead you to an addicted state as genetic signatures play a salient role in the transition to problematic addictiveness.

GSA2 - Aging

GSA2- Allergies

Numerous genome wide studies have reported linkage or association between genomic signatures and allergy or allergy-associated diseases. The genetics may also contribute to about 60-80% of the variability in therapeutic response to allergy medications. Hence, it is crucial to know the underlying allergies you might be susceptible to.

GSA2- Dentistry

GSA2 - Detoxification

GSA2- Fitness

GSA2- Health

GSA2- Methylation

GSA2- Nutrition

GSA2- Personality

Your genomic signature can even discern your character and behaviour. The overall goal of this test is to understand the genetic contribution to individual variations in behaviours and indicate the underlying patterns.

GSA2- Pharmacogenomics

GSA2- Skincare

GSA2- Sleep Pattern


Targeted resequencing by massively parallel sequencing, which includes whole-exome sequencing (WES), is a well-established and cost- effective means to analyse specific regions of a genome. Reducing the target size and focusing on the regions most likely to yield relevant data enhances sensitivity through increasing depth of coverage and therefore the likelihood of new discoveries.

Whole Genome

Whole genome sequencing generates the most comprehensive sequence dataset for an individual and allows detailed evaluation of all genetic variations in an individual.

Gut Microbiome

The human gut microbiome plays a crucial role in maintaining health as it has complex effects on human metabolism. Changes in its composition have been linked to inflammatory bowel disease, autoimmune disorders and even obesity and diabetes. This test will provide you with an evidence-based diagnosis that will guide you to a better understanding of your health and allow you to make necessary changes through targeted interventions.