Wider gaze, Deeper insights
The HEX platform is cloud native, secure, cost-effective, highly-scalable digital platform for processing & analysing new age diagnostic and prognostic health markers. The HEX platform holistically addresses the needs of customers, referring partners, vendors and other key stakeholders including administrators and logistics manager.
The HEX platform widens the view on personal health and wellness. We empower the consumer with not just genetic but also circumstantial, and lifestyle related data to give you deeper insights. What will be recommended for you will be unique to you in every sense of the word. This together with the a comparative reported evidence will help you take control of your aging and illness completely.
Human foundation Series
The foundation series covers the fundamental genetic and microbiome test. These are intended to map your basic genetic construct, not to mention the overall gut flora and fauna.
Human Expression Series
Get a complete up break down on your body composition, physical & cognitive capabilities, blood analytics, metabolites, salivary hormones and much more. Everything you will need to optimise your performance and enhance your horizon.
Human Re-engineering Series
The re-engineering series captures a set of practices which will help you recalibrate your mental and physical conditioning in order to recover from injuries, enhance body functions like blood flow and increased oxygen in the blood stream, etc.